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I get messages like this one all the time:

"I've been struggling to make ends meet with my business and with my marketing for over ten years. My peers could hardly believe their eyes when I finally surpassed them in sales. What they didn't know, and what I still refuse to tell them, is my turnaround is a result of hiring you, implementing what you created for me, and simply reaping the benefits. If I would have hired you ten years ago, I would probably have retired by now. Now I can sit back and focus on my business because I know for a fact that every marketing piece I send out will make me money."

-- Name withheld by request
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I'm always including testimonials in my marketing pieces -- ads, brochures, direct mail, newsletter, sales proposals, and more. I'd love to be able to include yours, too, so my prospects can learn more about you and the success you've had with my techniques.

And I've solved the "I don't know what to say" problem that I often hear from people who want to send me a testimonial, but are a little "iffy" about how.

Simply give me your responses to the following questions, hit "Send to Jay," and I'll share your success story with my prospects -- making them your prospects, too.
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After working with me, what was the value you received? What condition is your business and your marketing in now?
What are the three most significant improvements you've achieved thanks to working with me? Explain as thoroughly as you can. This can be about clients, results, income, productivity, outcomes, etc.
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