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10 Things You Can Do Right Now to
Instantly Supersize Your 
Direct Mail Response

Jay Huling
So you think direct mail doesn't work, eh?


Maybe it's just you – because I've written a lot that's generated some serious results.

And every day, junk mail arrives in almost everyone's mailbox. So it must be working for someone.

There's got to be a way – if only you knew how.

Do it right and it's an easy profit maker.

Try these tips and I bet your next mailing will be a winner.

-- 1 --

Be sure your list is good – not good, great! The list is the most important part of any direct mail campaign. YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE SELLING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE! If you are selling Elvis Presley Christmas ornaments, your list better be of Elvis Presley fans or people who have an Elvis Presley fan on their holiday list. If you only do one of the ten things in this article, this better be it. Use the right list and you are virtually guaranteed success.

-- 2 --

Make the best offer you can – the offer should be the most prominent feature of your mailing. Its benefits should be stressed in the headline, depicted in the artwork, and reinforced on the reply card and outside envelope. Every prospect wants to know "what do I get?" Answer that question. Repeat it often. Make it as strong as possible. Don't be afraid to pile it on. When customers think they are giving up a little to get a lot, they will buy big time.

-- 3 --

Give a free gift – and don't let your high school English teacher keep you from calling it a "free gift." Yes, I know gifts are always free. But it packs a double wallop of benefit punch when you give your prospect this little bit of free redundancy. Offer a free report, free subscription, free consultation, free sample, free test trial, etc. Make your free offer a prominent feature in your mailing.

-- 4 --

Make responding easy – offer a toll-free number that's answered 24/7, have a web site with live chat, include a postage-paid envelope. Make these choices clear and explain the benefits of them. You could say something like, "Have questions about your order? Visit our web site right now and chat with one of our helpful customer service representatives. They'll help you make sure you get exactly what you want." Make sure order forms – printed or online – are easy to fill out.

-- 5 --

Stress benefits – forget about you and focus on your prospect. What do they want?  What do they REALLY want? Does your product help women lose weight and get in shape? Good – tell her she'll look great at work, great on the beach, and great naked. Tell her that her friends, enemies, and that man she has her eye on will eat their hearts out with envy. Be a student of human nature and speak to what people really want.

-- 6 --

Use testimonials – people feel better about trying something new if they know others have tried it with success. Have real people saying real things about the real success they've had with your product or service. Use the person's complete name, title, and affiliation whenever possible. Example:  Frank McCormick, President, Denison Bank & Trust.

-- 7 --

Ask for the order at least three times – do it right away in your letter, in the middle, and at the end. You can always do this when you re-state features and benefits. For example, "When you call and order today you'll receive not one, not two, but three bottles of CleanMagic for just $9.99." Highlight the phone number or web site and tell the reader the benefits of calling now.

-- 8 --

Give a deadline – they create a sense of urgency. Tell people they need to act now, supplies are limited, prices are going up, etc. Plus, be flexible with the deadline if someone responds late. If you can still fulfill the offer, do it.  Your new customer will be extra loyal to you.

-- 9 --

Take away all risk – offer a money-back guarantee, if they are not completely satisfied, no questions asked. Promise to refund all shipping costs as well. Reassure the reader that there is no risk and no obligation with phrases like, "send no money now" and "try it for 90 days" and "if you are not completely satisfied, return it, but keep the free gift with our compliments."

-- 10 --

Use an incomplete p.s. – the postscript is one of the most read parts of any direct mail letter. It will probably be the second or third thing your prospect looks at before they even read the letter. So use it to entice with an incomplete thought. Such as, "Don't forget, your free gift is yours to keep if you visit our web site by February 7." The reader will not know what free gift you are talking about and will look for it in the letter.

C'mon now, be honest. Have you really been giving your direct mail every advantage it needs? 

It will work for you if you do it right.

Try these tips.  And let me know how they work for you. 

# # #

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